"A real memoir"

"You're not alone..."

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   This is a case study that will reveal an  understanding of what an ESRD patient and their spouse/caregiver goes through emotionally, not only every third day but also every off day while not connected to a life-sustaining machine.

A book of interest to not only  current and future dialysis patients, but also their families, friends, dialysis technicians, renal dieticians, social workers- and  All Caregivers.

"She was like a wild bird, a dove, set free for the first time in one and a half years-a homing pigeon that had gone south by accident on a detour gone awry."

-from the chapter "Is Home"



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Published by BookSurge, LLC
ISBN: 1-4196-1042-2
An Amazon.com Company

"Thinking out of the box, thinking about the future."

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