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For All Caregivers, of All Chronic Diseases !

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"I truly enjoyed the frankness in which you wrote it. . . . We do lose our source of income when care giving is a full time job and we do sleep in cars and drive miles for help. . . . I could really relate to the emotions expressed in the book. . . . I thought it also did well at pointing on the problems patients have with ESRD. . . . (To the) government and the health care profession; it would be nice if they could see what “life” was really like for caregivers and ESRD patients."

Martha Washburn, caregiver on the cutting edge of nocturnal dialysis.


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For All Caregivers, of All Chronic Diseases ! For Anyone . . . 





"It is truly rare that any scientific discovery has a major impact on an entire disease population and that the entire face of that disease is changed by that discovery."-Dr. Emil P. Paganini on the advent of Epogen

“She never held back-if she had something on her mind-you’d hear it-LOUD AND CLEAR!”

Kidney disease is the ninth leading cause of death in the United States. Approximately 19 million U.S. adults have chronic kidney disease, and an estimated 80,000 persons have chronic kidney failure diagnosed annually. Chronic kidney disease is under-diagnosed and under-treated, and the risk of progression to ESRD is very high.

“Oh John somethin’s wrong-ya need to get here-fast. I mean fast! I’m in a lot of pain…”

It was Lois.

“Life is a journey that begins with birth and ends with death. In between the two we travel on many roads and take some nasty detours. But make no mistake about it, life is movement forward. To stand still or to turn back is death, no matter how we disguise it.” -Robert Kjulborg
Wissler takes the reader on a tortuous journey of him as caregiver, and his significant other, Lois, as care receiver, with all the bumps and laughs in the road along the way. No less important is the bureaucratic wrangling as the author relentlessly seeks the appropriate level of medical care for a woman in increasingly dire straits.
Here is a truly compelling story about two people that will bring tears to your eyes, laughter from your belly, and sympathy from your heart. Poignant Moments . . . walks you through the trials and tribulations of a couple who faced life head-on through the best of times as well as the worst. It is happiness combined with tragedy. John and Lois make the most of  a situation even when confronted with all that life chooses to throw at them. We cannot hear about or read this story enough times because it demonstrates the ability to fight against all odds.  This story tells all of us that there is always hope and that there is no reason to ever give up without a fight. We all need to make the most out of what life hands us.



"A real memoir"

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"Thinking out of the box, thinking about the future."

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