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Soft Cover, 6X9 inches, 332 pages
ISBN: 1-4196-1042-2

For All Caregivers, of All Chronic Diseases !

For Anyone!

“You do not have to be a doctor, or ESRD patient to relate to this book. . . ."

A compelling human-interest, educational, nonfiction novel.

"It's the kind of story that cannot be told enough times . . ."


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"When asked what a caregiver would get out of this book, I replied: ‘It's simple, you're not alone. Amidst what may appear to be a bottomless abyss of frustrations and anguish there are those who do care. Throughout the poignant, or if you wish bittersweet experience as a caregiver, you will survive as many others before you have and carry on your life with memories and hope.’"

-Lauren Chambers, OTR/L, LADC 1

"It caused me to experience extreme emoti


ons, from sadness to laughter, and anger big time! It is a story that I will never forget!” -Jeanne Martin


November is National Caregivers Month

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ISBN: 1-4196-1042-2
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"Thinking out of the box, thinking about the future."

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