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A moving  story for all caregivers. Written as a novel it takes the best of fiction writing into a nonfiction novel. keywords: caregiver books, caregiver websites, nocturnal home hemodialysis

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Over 60% of today's adult population either is or expects to be a family caregiver.


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  • poignĚant [pˇynyənt]
  • adj
  •  Sharply perceptive: particularly penetrating and effective or relevant (literary)
  •  Profoundly moving; touching: a poignant memory.
  •  Piercing; incisive.
  • Neat, skillful, and to the point.
  • Astute and pertinent; relevant: poignant suggestions.
  • Agreeably intense or stimulating.   


 "The benefit of this detailed chronicle of troubles for me is the tireless energy of the caregiver . . ."- Gene Moore, Attleboro Sun Chronicle


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"Wow! This is so poignant and heartfelt…a significant piece of work." 

-Lori Swartz, MSW, LICSW


". . . I am brought back to earth with a jolt! It is a beautiful work. . . .you and so many others like you (caregivers)-are so much more . . . (you) have dealt with horror yet how well you have softened its edges with humour and empathy. . . . These are things we, who work with those who are chronically ill, need so much to be reminded of . . . Thanks for the reminding. Well done."


-Professor John Agar, MBBS, FRACP-Director of Nephrology, Chief of Medicine, Barwon Health, The Geelong Hospital, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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Poignant Moments . . . is a remarkable account of the life and death of a dialysis patient as seen over the years by her friend, lover and caregiver. . . . 

Lois and John, the book’s author, have a lot to tell us all.

It is great, excellent,  and very touching.


 -Christopher R. Blagg MD FRCP Professor Emeritus of Medicine, University of Washington Executive Director Emeritus, Northwest Kidney Centers, Seattle




Active in local and state politics, she was an advocate for Universal Health Care as well as a community activist on social issues. She was also a daughter, sister, mother, and friend to many.

Follow this inspiring true story from a battle with kidney stones to the realization of a dream in this compelling human-interest, educational, nonfiction novel. Poignant Moments...A Caregiver's Perspective, embraces the trials, and tribulations about one of the 1.4 million people, world wide, suffering from ESRD and requiring dialysis at least three times a week.

 The author, John Francis Wissler and his significant other Lois, travel through a $17 Billion a year U.S. Medicare maze during twelve years of kidney stones, dialysis centers, "...the worst case of peritonitis...", hospitals and numerous battles and laughs associated with this chronic disease.  Nevertheless, Lois confronts these issues with an almost inhuman endurance; and through it all, she manages to find enormous happiness, peace, and amusement. 

Many people unfortunately do not understand dialysis, yet all know that we do have kidneys. However,  Wissler will wager that almost everyone knows someone who gives care for a friend, mother, or father; a grandfather; a grandmother…a son, daughter…or a spouse and home hemodialysis patient. In the United States alone, caregiver value accounts for $265 billion per year.  In this book a story is told of the skills, patience and stresses of one out of fifty million caregivers.    

Poignant Moments . . . culminates with training, by Fresenius Medical Care, Inc., to perform Home Hemodialysis.

"Home hemodialysis or preritoneal dialysis is where it's at!"


“I found myself not wanting to stop reading…not only informative but captivating…."

". . . a required reading for everyone in government and the healthcare profession.”

 -Martha Washburn, (a.k.a. Marty) Caregiver on the cutting edge of Nocturnal Home Hemodialysis.

“Poignant Moments is a narrative with strong descriptions and quotations that make the accounts seem alive and truly poignant, which is consistent with the title. The intended audience should be family caregivers throughout the United States who need to know that they do not struggle alone. However, the book’s audience also should include physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers and policy makers so that they see how families struggle with chronic care and family caregiving. Very detailed descriptions of emotions, reactions, and feelings are captured in this account of being a caregiver.”

Barbara Given, PhD, RN, FAAN
Michigan State University

East Lansing, M



A invaluable commodity that is unvalued. A real memior.

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“A powerful memoir as a caregiver... It’s the kind of moving story that cannot be told enough times so that people understand what it means for someone to be on dialysis, and how the caregivers often get involved.  It’s a better understanding of kidney failure and the inadequate and often failing remedy of transplanting a cadaveric or live-donor kidney.”

- Jurgen Hesse, Author-The Dying of the Light and Nine Lives of a Pessimist/Dialysis Patient

 "To see your partner so sick and feel helpless, this story is good for the caregivers who have walked in similar situations and felt these very feelings."

-Marlene Axtmann  dialyzed her husband David for over 33 years at home. David was also the author of Dialysis-An Unanticipated Journey.

“You do not have to be a doctor, or ESRD patient to relate to this book. This a story of struggle, pain, love, loss, happiness, defeat, triumph. It is a true story about true people. There is no candy coating, no savoring of one's emotion, just life.” 

-Annie Maloney

". . . well presented inside. . . . a tremendous amount of work went into the project. The pace of the writing seemed to me to reflect the sometimes frantic times . . . descriptions all through the book were very clear. . . . Even more than helping the caregiver, your book might, in the long run, create  an awareness among (health) providers that has been missing.  Great Work."

-Fran Anderson, retired Registered Nurse

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What is Poignant Moments . . . A Caregiver's Perspective?


A nonfiction novel spearheading a new awareness to the need of caregiving.


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